China National Petroleum Corporation

CNPC, or China National Petroleum Corporation, has had multiple fires and explosions in its facilities in our city Dalian and many other cities. It explodes so regularly that we citizens often expect it to have some problem once in a while. Here are some of the accidents of CNPC in our city:

2010.7.16, 2010.10.24, 2010.12.15, 2011.8.29, 2013.6.2, 2013.11.12, 2014.6.30, 2017.8.17. These explosions have caused great instability, pollution, and waste of natural resources, not to mention the precious lives lost. Some of these accidents have caused oil leaks into the ocean, doing great harm to the sea creatures and fishing industry. Most of these accidents have something to do with the oil pipes.

Why does this happen again and again? Chief engineer of State Administration of work safety Yi Huang confessed that the reasons were ‘many cities lack ground signs for underground pipelines, the construction companies were unqualified, or lack of supervision.’ Indeed, many of the problems occurred during construction, where workers accidently drilled through a pipe and caused it to caught on fire, with some exceptions of unqualified workers such as injecting more than enough oxidation in the oil pipes.

China has made great accomplishments in the couple decades, but the consequences of speeding things up is huge. Tiemin Liu, a researcher in China Academy of safety production Sciences said that ‘Once I investigated a land of 100 square meters in Beijing and discovered more than 30 sewers. I have asked many branches of the government for their purposes, but none of them provided me with the information. These sewers reflect the inability of city planning during the industrialization process.’

Although this is a hard problem to deal with, it is crucial to solve it for the safety of citizens. In the past accidents, only officials and workers responsible for the accidents were dismissed or put into jail, but the problem remains unchanged. Creating a new supervising system where constructed projects are planned and possible risks are evaluated, is the true solution to the problem.

Weheng Fu