Students for Social Justice


It has become our habit to blame the society itself for all its evils whether it is corruption, crime or any other issues. Do we ever realize that our society consists of us? Blaming the society means pointing out our own mistakes. That shows that we are ever ready to point out the mistakes, but never show interest in rectifying those mistakes. It really sad to see when the youth of the society behaves in such a passive manner and keeps pointing his fingers towards the system rather than taking steps to mend it.

Whether it’s a political, economic or social problem, the root cause of every problem starts with us, the ingredients of that society. We brush off all the issues from our shoulders saying that one person can’t change the world even if he wants to. It’s a thing to wonder that if everyone becomes the follower of the same philosophy, then where this world will go.

We need to understand that change can be initiated by a single person himself and people can follow you as an example. Yes, there is some struggle involved in it in the initial stage, but later it helps in bringing a wholesome change in the society benefiting everyone.

The need of the day is to create awareness in the younger generation and encourage them to come forward and take initiative to solve the problems rather than sitting and cribbing about the corrupt system. Youngsters should engage themselves in social, political as well as economic activities wholeheartedly rather than limiting themselves to establishing their own careers. The development of any society lies in the hands of its young generation and starts with their thoughts for the improvement of the society. It will not only help in empowering their society in every field, but would also make them feel proud of their role in society.

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